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P60vn Light Engines

  • All new builds over time but not put into service 
  • A-F, I = User Programmable DriverVN4 
  • All 4.2V Max 
  • A) 12 XPL 5000K Mule 
  • B) 6 XHP50.2 6500K Mule
  • C) Quad Samsung 351 4000K 90CRI + Throw optics
  • D) 12 XPL2 5000K Mule 
  • E) Quad XPL HI 5000K Mule
  • F) 6 SST40 5000K Mule 
  • G) XML2 4000K Mule  = Low-Medium-High with last mode memory = 7135 3A Current regulated 
  • H)  Triple 219b 4500K 90CRI = Low-Medium-High with last mode memory = 7135 4.3A Current regulated 
  • I) Quad 219b 4500K (Sorry no pics)

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