Click on Image 4 HD Quality. Email me for questions as my store can be confusing with all of the options, Lux Signifer $3200

ONE-OFF ReyLight Triple Ti DawnVN

  • Factory Link Here
  • Body, Clip & Screws Polished
  • Clip edges rounded off for comfort
  • Rear perimeter rounded off for comfort
  • 3 extra layer copper internal HS
  • Green GITD Gasket 
  • Everything solder bonded for continuous heat flow
  • Optics legs shaved for careful White1 beam focus
  • Excellent beam 
  • MTN 20DDM User Programmable Driver
  • Trits installed 

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance
+ Specifications
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