Email for ETS - Lux Signifer Balance $3350 - Click on any photo to view higher resolution :-)

EDC Sale

A) ToolVN AA W2 6500K VN2, beam not as focus as others but still a good light $105

B) ToolVN AA 2.0 XPL 5000K VN2, Diffused Lens, Nice high output neutral flood $100

C) ToolVN AA 219b 5000K VN2, The LEDs that some love that I rarely ever use, great beam. Protected 14500 Only. $100 

D) ToolVN AAA W2, VN2, Great throwey beam with higher output $125 

E) Glarei E03 SST20 4000K 95CRI, VN2, Used but great condition, Tiny body with great floody high CRI $65

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