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ONE-OFFs Quad Mules


  • Time consuming builds for excellence
  • LED MCPCB solder bonded to copper head
  • Polished Copper Head
  • DriverVN4 UI
  • Black 18650 body and 18350 body included
  • Flat wall of light easy on the eyes tint 
  • VTC5A or LG 3500mAh Recommended 

1. 3 Nichia 219c 5000K + 1 Nichia 319AT 3000K, 1 Warm tint LED to bring down the temp slightly 

2. 4 XPL HI 4000K, What I call Luke Warm or just right 

3. 4 Nichina 219c 5000K, Brighter neutral for those warm sensitive 

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