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Gift Voucher & Gift Certificate

Gift Voucher:
  • Buy a value and I will email you a coupon code for that value amount + 10% EXTRA FREE
  • Buy a light as a gift for 10% discount. 
  • Never expire
  • Catch: Each coupon code value must be used in a onetime order
  • Remaining value cannot be saved 
  • If coupon does not cover entire order value the rest can be paid with Paypal or credit card
  • Buy increasing quantities to acquire desired value
  • Gift Coupons are strictly for GIFT purposes only 
Gift Certificate:
Need a Sky Lumen gift but ran out of time to order? Simply place an order and in the checkout note ask to have a certificate made with the recipient name and address. I will send you a digital copy of the order certificate so you can use that right away as gift. If needed I can also print a hard copy and send to you or the recipient directly. Order will be fulfill and ship ASAP. Must email me at also to make sure we are on the same page about the gift certificated details. Digital Copy is free. Hard sample on nice paper mailed to recipient is $10. 

Voucher Values & Gift Certificate
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