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Acebeam K65vn - Searchlight Basic

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  • Perfect UI - I like it as much if not a bit more than K60vn magnetic ring
  • Excellent build quality 
  • Ideal size and weight for a searchlight
  • K60vn larger size + extra copper HS  = Better heat handling
  • Prefer K60vn OP Perfect beam 
  • Similar peak performance as K60vn 
  • Exceptionally large hot spot - Great advantage 
  • Stock Shave Dome 5000K tint is yellowish
  • Stock Shave Dome 6500K tint is greenish
  • Stock Shave Dome XHP 70.2 5000K & 6500K gives roughly the same performance:  Lumen: 4700, Intensity: 264Kcd, Throw: 1028m
K65vn Upgrades
  • Power Boost
  • XHP70.2 6500K Dome On - Throw sacrificed for tint and output
  • Special beam tuning yield best beam but reduces lux 
  • Lumen: 6000, Intensity: 200Kcd, Throw: 894m

 All Acebeams will have serial removed.

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