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Acebeam T27vn - Best 21700 Thrower R

  • Factory Link Here
  • 21700 battery Included 
  • Factory UI: Rear forward switch TURBO on off only. Side switch operate independently. Press and hold for Moonlight, Double click for Turbo, Triple Click for Strobe. Genius! 
  • 21700 Battery Included
  • Spec 1 has Factory Warranty 

Spec 1 Stock XHP35 HI 6500K , 1800 Lumen, 335Kcd, 1158m 

Spec 2 XHP35 HI 5000K

Spec 3 XHP35 HI 4000K

Spec 3 XHP35 HI 3000K

Spec 4 XHP35 HD 6500K

Spec 5 XHP35 HD 4500K

Spec 6 DriverVNX2 Side Switch Only, USB Charging Deleted,  White 2 6500K, 1100 Lumen, 575Kcd, 1517m 

Spec 7 DriverVN4 Rear Switch Only, USB Charging Deleted, White 2 6500K,1100 Lumen, 575Kcd, 1517m  

Spec 8 Stock UI XHP70.2 6500K, 3200L, 95Kcd, 616m  

Spec 9 Stock UI XHP70.2 5000K, 2700L, 80KCd, 566m  

Spec 10 Sotck UI XHP70.2 4000K, 2500L, 75Kcd, 548m 

 All Acebeams will have serial removed.

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance
+ Specifications
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