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Acebeam UC15vn - Brightest Keychain

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  • Bright UV, Red or White Mule  light can be handy
  • Pocket clip makes light thick
  • 2 screws remains to cover holes if pocket clip is removed
  • Light rain seems OK. Do not dunk in water! 
  • IMR10440 Recommended
  • Matching cells pair used only 
  • Default Red LED swapped for SST20 4000K 95CRI - 15 Lumen (Love this! Excellent for long runtime cap light). If you want to keep Red note at checkout. 
  • Black Body Color Only 

Spec 1 White2 6500K 
Spec 2 SST20 4000K 95CRI
Spec 3 SST20 3000K 95CRI
Spec 4 219b 4500K 90CRI
Spec 5 Samsung 351 4000K 90CRI
Spec 6 XPL HI 5000K 
Spec 7 XPL 6500K 1100 Lumen

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