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Emisar D4vn V2 - Smallest 18650 Quad R

  • Factory Link Click Here
  • AUX LED Demo
  • Blurred center optics window 
  • Recommend VTC5D Battery
  • Disco AUX LED
  • Magnetic tail cap 
  • Stock optics: Look like conventional beam with hot spot and soft tapered spill
  • Throw optics: large defined hot spot with little spill 
  • SS Pocket Clip Included 

XPL HI 5000K Stock Optics: 4050L, 29Kcd, 341m 
XPL HI 5000K Throw Optics: 4050L, 33Kcd, 363m 
White 2 6500K Throw Optics Only: 3900L, 45kcd, 424m 
White1 6500K Throw Optics Only: 2500L, Intensity 54Kcd, 465m

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