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P60vn Light Engines

  • These are light engines for P60 Hosts only 
  • Must wrap drop in tightly before inserting in host
  • High drain switch such as FS54 required
  • DriverVN4 
  • Unprotected High Drains such as VTC5A or LG 3500mAh required for Quads & Triples 
  • LG 3500mAh or 10A or less cell only for Singles
  • Working voltage 2.5-6V
  • 2*CR123A are OK for EMERGENCY on lower modes only!
  • Copper LED  MCPCB solder bonded to brass pill in reflector P60vn
  • Tint are very subjective so find your favorite ;-) 
  • Triples run a bit cooler than Quads
  • Other LEDs available upon request  
  • Throw Rank: Good, Great, Greater, Excellent, Best 
  • Textured/OP reflector available upon request 
  • Not mandatory but extra internal copper HS recommended for reflector engines 
  • Email me at 
  1. Triple SST20 400K 95CRI, Throwey HCRI  $100
  2. Triple Samsung HCRI 4000K 90CRI, Bright pleasant warm  $100
  3. Triple 219C 5000K, Bright neutral good throw  $100
  4. Triple 219C 4000K, Bright warm good throw $100
  5. Triple XPL HI 6500K, Bright  cool white great throw $100
  6. Triple XPL HI 5000K, Bright neutral  with great throw $100
  7. Triple XPL HI 4000K, Bright warm great throw $100
  8. Quad SST20 400K 95CRI, Throwey HCRI  l $125
  9. Quad Samsung HCRI 4000K, Brightest pleasant warm $125
  10. Quad 219C 5000K, Brightest neutral good throw 2450 Lumen, 22Kcd, 300m Throw $125
  11. Quad 219C 4000K, Brightest warm good throw 2450 Lumen, 22Kcd, 300m Throw $125
  12. Quad XPL HI 6500K, Brightest cool white great throw  3000 Lumen, 28Kcd, 335m Throw $125
  13. Quad XPL HI 5000K, Brightest neutral great throw $125
  14. Quad XPL HI 4000K, Brightest warm great throw $125
  15. Quad White1, Best Quad Throw $150
  16. Quad White2 $160
  17. Quad MULE Samsung 4000K 90+ HCRI, Brightest wall of light ~3000 Lumen $135
  18. Smooth reflector + Oslon Black, Cool white  best throw 600L, 85Kcd, 583m $115 10A cells only 
  19. Smooth reflector + White2 900L, 60Kcd, 490m $125 10A cells Only 
  20. Smooth reflector + SST40 SD 6500K, Cool white excellent throw 1400L, 40Kcd, 400m $90
  21. Smooth reflector + SST40 HD 6500K, Cool white large hot spot greater throw 1600L $80
  22. Smooth reflector + Samsung 4000K 90+ HCRI, Pleasant warm good throw  1000L, 18Kcd, 268m $80
  23. Smooth reflector + SST20 400K 95CRI, Throwey HCRI  $80
  24. Smooth reflector + XPL HI 5000K, Cool white greater throw $80
  25. Smooth reflector + XPL HI 4000K, Warm white greater throw  $80
  26. Smooth reflector Nichia 219c 5000K, Neutral good throw $80
  27. Smooth reflector Nichia 219c 4000K, Warm good throw  $80
  28. Smooth reflector Nichia 219b 5000K, Neutral HCRI  $80
  29. Smooth reflector XPE2 Red Thrower $80
  30. Smooth reflector XPE2 Blue Thrower $80
  31. Smooth reflector XPE2 Green Thrower $80


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