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Sky Lumen LEP Laser Throw - Most Affordable 1Mcd thrower

    Promotional Coupon Code "LT50" = $50 Discount 
    • Night beamshot video
    • ~ Performance: 430L, 1.1Mcd, 2098m (+/- 5% variance)
    • Most throw for the size and $$$
    • Head 45mm, Body 32.5mm, Length 172mm
    • Heavy duty stainless stroke bezel
    • USB-A output to charge phone/devices
    • USB- C input charging
    • Great build quality
    • White laser like beam = Hot spot only wit no spill = No distraction pinpoint illumination 
    • Auto Low Volatge Protection shutdown at 2.5V
    • Reverse battery polarity protection
    • Physical Lock Out = Slightly loosen tail cap
    • Single mode & Fast emergency blink

    User Interface:
    From OFF: Press and hold = ON
    From ON: Press & hold = OFF
    From ON or OFF Double Click = Emergency Blink

    What's Included: LEP Laser Throw Light, Wrist strap, USB-C cable, Holster, Box, Sky Lumen Warranty Card & boring paperwork 



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