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Sky Lumen 2 - Brightest Compact 18650 R

A great EDC and WOW light due to DriverVN4 program-ability
Brightest single 18650 compact light
Recommend VTC5 for max performance & LG 3500mAh for max runtime
OP reflector gives focused hot spot & bright spill 
Triples gives large hot spot with minimal spill
OP reflector gives focused hot spot and wide spill
Triple Optics gives large even focus spot and no spill 

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Spec 1: OP reflector + SST40 HD $70
Spec 2: OP reflector + SST40 SD $70
Spec 3: Triple XPL HI 5000K 1700L $120
Spec 4: Triple XPL HI 6500K 1700L 15K cd, 245m $120
Spec 5: Triple SST20 4000K 95CRI $120
Spec 6: Triple SST20 3000K 95CRI $120

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