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Specialty P60vn Light Engines

Some Specs in SLN Host:
Single Smooth Reflector White2.1 5400K - Tight hot spot conventional beam thrower 
1100L, 72Kcd, 537m 
(Tested with Samsung 50E 21700)
Single Smooth Reflector White1.1 6500K - Best P60vn thrower (10A MAX 18650 Only)
550L, 80Kcdm 566m
(Tested with Samsung 50E 21700)
Single Smooth Reflector SBT90 G2 5700K - Highest output thrower but less HS than multi LED in copper shell. Good for shorter momentary bursts. 
~ 3500L, 55Kcd, 469m 
Quad White2 5400K  High output throw 
3500L, 40Kcd, 400m
(Tested with Samsung 40T 21700)
Triple White2.1 6500K High output throw
2600L, 45Kcd, 425m
(Tested with Samsung 50E 21700)
LilVortex 12LED Mule  - Brightest neutral flat wall of light 
XPL 5000K V6: 7000L in SLN with Twisty Tail Cap, 6300L with Clicky 
SST20 4000K 95CRI: 4000L in a SLN Twisty 
(Tested with Samsung 40T 21700)
Dual Cell Quad W2 5400K (6-8.4V)
1250L, 23Kcd, 303m 
Dual Cell Reflector W2.1 5400K (6-8.4V)



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