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Thrunite TC20vn - Best Compact 26650 R

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  • Factory TC20 XHP70.2 6500K Specs: Lumen 3500, 26Kcd, 323m
  • TC20vn XHP70.2 6500K + Factory UI Specs: Lumen 3700, 29Kcd, 341m
  • TC20vn SST40 SD 6500K + DriverVNX3 Specs: Lumen 1700, 65Kcd, 510m 
  • TC20vn Triple SST40 SD 6500K + DriverVNX2 Specs: Lumen 3500, 45Kcd, 424m 
  • TC20vn Triple SST40 HD 6500K + DriverVNX2 Specs:  Lumen 4400, 35Kcd, 374m 
  • DriverVNX3 =  USB charging eliminated
  • Excellent build quality
  • Compact but hefty 8.5oz with battery
  • Great heat sinking 
  • Best 26650 flooder 
  • All triples LEDs sitting on 3 layers of copper for extra heat sinking
  • Factory battery not included
+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance (NOT INCLUDED BY DEFAULT)
+ Specifications
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