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Acebeam EC60vn 26650 XHP35

Factory Link Click Here
Review Video Click Here
R50vn VS EC60vn Beam Shot Video

Great throw and runtime 
Hot spot of CW might contain tiny purple/blue/yellow spot that are visible on a white wall
Hot spot of NW is better 
These artifacts are not visible with normal use. Just worth mentioning
Factory light tested 1590 lumen 
Convenient built in Micro USB charging
Recommended 26650 Here 


$120  Spec 1: Cool White 6500K  XHP35 HI
Lumen: 1860
Lux: 105K
Throw: 648m

$135 Spec 2: Neutral White 5000K XHP35 HI 
Lumen: 1785
Lux: 103K
Throw: 641m

$135 Spec 3: Warm White 3000K HCRI XHP35 HI
Lumen: 1200
Lux: 67K
Throw: 517m 

$135 Spec 4: Cool White 6500K XHP35 HD (Dome on for large floody hot spot) (Recommended)
Lumen: 2250
Lux: 67K
Throw: 517m

+$5 for DHT Bezel 
Click here to add "V54" Engraving for $5


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