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Acebeam T27vn - Best Single Cell Reflector Thrower R

  • Factory Link Here
  • 21700 battery Included 
  • Factory UI: Rear forward switch TURBO on off only. Side switch operate independently. Press and hold for Moonlight, Double click for Turbo, Triple Click for Strobe. Genius! 
  • 21700 Battery Included
  • Spec 1 has Factory Warranty 

Spec 1 Stock XHP35 HI 6500K , 1800 Lumen, 335Kcd, 1158m 

Spec 2 XHP35 HI 5000K

Spec 3 XHP35 HI 4000K

Spec 3 XHP35 HI 3000K

Spec 4 XHP35 HD 6500K

Spec 5 XHP35 HD 4500K

Spec 6 DriverVNX3 Side Switch Only, USB Charging Deleted,  White 2 6500K, 1100 Lumen, 575Kcd, 1517m 

Spec 7 DriverVN4 Rear Switch Only, USB Charging Deleted, White 2 6500K,1100 Lumen, 575Kcd, 1517m  

Spec 8 Stock UI XHP70.2 6500K, 3200L, 95Kcd, 616m  

Spec 9 Stock UI XHP70.2 5000K, 2700L, 80KCd, 566m  

Spec 10 Sotck UI XHP70.2 4000K, 2500L, 75Kcd, 548m 

Spec 11 DriverVNX3 Side Switch Only, USB Charging Deleted,  White1.1 6500K, 750Lumen, 650Kcd,1612m

Spec 12 DriverVN4 Rear Switch Only, USB Charging Deleted, White1.1 2 6500K, 750Lumen, 650Kcd,1612m

 All Acebeams will have serial removed.

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance
+ Specifications
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