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Amutorch XT45vn & XT60vn - Brightest Single Emitter Single Cell Light R

  • Small tweaks here and there  net ~500-600Lumen gain over stock light 
  • $75 XT45vn NB90.16 6000K @2s 8700L, 120Kcd, 693m 
  • $95 XT45vn SBT90.2 DL 5700K @2s 5350L, 200Kcd, 894m 
  • $90 XT60vn NB90.16 6000K @2s 9150L, 260Kcd, 1020m (recommended)
  • Both lights has soft hot spot and corona that tapers to spill 
  • XT60vn has one of the best larger light OP reflector to date. I would take a reflector like this over a smooth one any-day. A bit loss in throw for a vastly improved beam gets my nod! Highly recommend this one! 
  • I initially had doubts but this is a 10,000L LED for sure! 
  • Recommended 21700 for performance and runtime here
  • Simple UI:

  • From OFF: Quick press = ON, Press&Hold = LowLow
  • From ON: Quick press cycle Low-Med-High. Press & Hold = OFF
  • From ON or OFF" Double press = Turbo, Triple Press = Strobe

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