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Barebones Edison Light Stick LSvn - Most Unique Lantern Flashlight Combo

  • Unique cosmetic mod hides factory imperfections and adds character 
  • Flashlight end upgraded 519a 2700K + Diffused Lens for matching warmer tint 
  • Original flashlight tint is terrible and beam is average at best
  • Very cool copper tail rotary control ring 
  • Included original 2000mAh battery upgraded to 3500mAh 
  • Innovative leather band good for lanyard attachment and conceal USB-C port 
  • String light looks to be about 2000K-2500K so you better like warm tint
  • Cons: Double the price of stock after mods but it is what it is :-P
  • Close-Up Video Here

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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