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Eagletac S200C2vn & G25C2vn - Rear Clicky Tactical

S200C2vn Specs:
SST40 SD 6500K 1450L,130Kcd, 721m
XHP50.2 6500K ~ 3000L & 70Kcd
SBT90 5700K 3700L, 155Kcd, 787m
White2.1 5400K ~ 1000L & 200Kcd

G25C2vn Specs:
SST40 HD 6500K, 2000L, 60kcd, 490M
SST40 SD 6500K, 1550L, 80Kcd, 566m
White2 6500K, 950L, 130Kcd, 721m
XHP50.2 6200K, 2500L, 42Kcd, 410m
SBT90 5700K 3500L, 120Kcd, 693m 

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