Lux Signifer Balance $1100 - Click on any photo to view higher resolution :-)

Emisar D1Svn - The Large One

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 Simply the best thrower for the size 

Spec 1: SST40 SD 6500K  (LG 3500 Only) Ringy Corona $75
1600 Lumen, 160Kcd, 800m
Spec 2: SST40 HD 7500K (LG 3500 Only) Slight Ringy Corona $75
2000 Lumen, 120Kcd, 693m
Spec 3: Oslon Black 6500K (LG 3500 Only) Little to no artifact $125
700Lumen, 305Kcd, 1105m
Spec 4: XPL HD 7000K  (VTC5A Recommended) $75

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