2nd Son Arrived 2.7.23 - Operating @ 50% Capacity - SkyLumen54@gmail.com

Emisar D4Kvn - Ultra Compact 21700 Perfection R

  • Body barely fatter than 18650 D4vn version
  • Black body color only with raised button retaining ring, amber button AUX LEDs, magnet tail cap, and deep carry clip
  • Black aluminum body default
  • Copper Titanium body upgrade optional 
  • 21700 for high performance here
  • 21700 for long runtime and low heat here
  • Spec A) Stock W2 - Excellent throw and output at a great price 
  • Spec B) Samsung 351 4000K 90CRI - Best large round filled hot spot beam of any quad LEDs 
  • Spec C) 7 LED Mule XHP50.2 6500K,  ~11,500K Lumen, AUX LEDs Delete, Extra thick copper HS - Most lumen possible 
  • Spec D ) Single NB90.16 6500K Mule, ~ 9000Lumen - AUX LEDs Delete, Extra thick copper HS - Budget high lumen count 
  • Spec E) 12 LED Mule SST10 365nm UV 
  • Spec V) 12 LED Mule 519a 5000K DeDome 90CRI - AUX LEDs Delete - Extra thick copper HS - Best Mule with best color rendering 

 "V54" Engraving
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