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Emisar KR4vn R - The Rear Switch D4vn V2 R

  •  Factory Link Click Here
  • AUX LED Demo (D4 V2 in video but KR4vn is similar)
  • Cells for Max Performance
  • Cells for Max Runtime
  • Basically a D4Svn V2 with a rear switch
  • Surprisingly stubby and hefty = Great heat handling 
  • Throw optics upgrade
  • Blurred center optics window 
  • SS Pocket Clip Included
  • Excellent in all regards except wide protruding clip 
  • Default W2 5400K & Throw Optics: 3900L, 45kcd, 424m
  • 4LED Mule Upgrade = AUX LED retained
  • 12LED Mule Upgrade = AUX LED delete 
  • Mule = Extra Copper HS
  • Mule Upgrade = Extra Copper HS & LED close to lens = 100% flat artifacts free wall of light = SST20 4000K 95CRI 
  • Alternative LEDs: Samsung 351 4000K 90CRI, 519a 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K  (Note at checkout)

      + "V54" Engraving
      + Extended Warranty
      + International Shipping Insurance 
      + Specifications
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      HC/AHC/PAHC Sample

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