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ONE-OFF Fireflies E07vn Brass Serialized Limited

  • Normal Version Here
  • XPL 5000K HI V4 bin default (wonderful tint) 
  • Raw machine finish default 
  • Note Other LED @ checkout (+$30)
  • If you want matching/custom optics posts color note @ checkout (FREE)
  • One of each only 

Serial 1OF6V54Green Button & Front AUX LEDs 

Serial 2OF6V54Red Button & Front AUX LEDs 

Serial 3OF6V54: Orange Button & Front AUX LEDs 

Serial 4OF6V54Cyan Button & Front AUX LEDs 

Serial 5OF6V54Purple Button & Front AUX LEDs 

Serial 6OF6V54: White Button & Front AUX LEDs 

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance
+ Specifications
Must Read Purchase Agreement 

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