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  • BR = Blue-Ray
  1. Hackshaw Mel Gibson Ridge BR
  2. Zulu Michael Caine 
  3. Strike Force Richard Gere
  4. Aginst the Ropes  Meg Ryan
  5. Held Hostage Marlo Thomas
  6. Adventures in Zambezia
  7. Titanic VHS
  8. Someone is Watching Stefanie Powers
  9. Premonitions Sandra Bullock
  10. Aviator Leonardo Dicaprio
  11. Aginst All Hope
  12. Big Momma's House Martin Lawrence 
  13. The Warlords Jet Li BR
  14. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  15. Mean Girls Linsay Lohan
  16. Dracula's Curse Patrick Bergin
  17. Hangmen Sandra Bullock
  18. Just Like Heaven Resse Witherspoon
  19. The Whole Nine Yards Bruce Willis
  20. Resident Evil  Milla Jovovich
  21. Color of Night Bruce Willis
  22. Honeymoon in Vegas Nicolas Cage
  23. The Lord of the Rings The return of the King
  24. Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug BR
  25. Gran Turino Clint Eastwood
  26. Fortress Christopher Lambert
  27. Body of Evidence Madona
  28. The Apocalypse Sandra Bernhard
  29. Jaws
  30. Strike Force 7 Fast Strike
  31. The Lord of the Rings The fellowship of the Ring
  32. The Polar Express BR
  33. The Hobit an Unexpected Journey BR
  34. Along Came Polly Ben Stiller
  35. The Lord of the Rings  The Two Towers
  36. The Hobbit The battle of the five armies BR
  37. Babel Brad Pitt
  38. Lake Placid Bridgett Fonda
  39. Welcome to Collinwood
  40. Theodicy Discoverung the origin of evil
  41. Predator Arnold S.
  42. Shattered Dreams  Eriik Estrada
  43. Lady in the Water Paul giamatti

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