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Klarus XT21Xvn Pro & XT11GT Pro - Tactical Dream Pair R

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  • Stock XT21X XHP70.2 6500K @2s 4150L, 40Kcd, 400m (18650 cells)
  • XT21Xvn P70 6500K @2s 3600L, 58Kcd, 481m 
  • Stock XT11GT SST70 6500K @2s 2450, 43Kcd, 415m 
  • XT21 Highly polished textured reflector = soft fill hot spot 
  • XT11GT smooth reflector = Define hot spot 
  • Built in USB-Charging
  • 18650 3100mAh & 21700 5000mAh included  
  • XT11GT = dedicated tactical light in a compact size
  • XT21X = large hot spot = easy room clearing = Blind everyone on the opposing end without having to aim precisely = Side switch adds general purpose duty with instant access to moonlight, Turbo and strobe from OFF. 
  • An excellent design light
  • Robust anodized stainless strike bezel is a must 
  • Strong removable pocket clip at mid section leaving tail cap out of pocket for quick tactical withdrawal
  • Circular/Lateral knurling = Great overhand grip friction 
  • Spare 21700 Here
  • Spare 18650 Here
  • Best Tactical User Interface:
  • At OFF: Rear forward clicky switch => 1/2 Press for momentary Turbo & Full click for constant Turbo, Paddle press = Momentary Strobe 
  • At ON: Paddle cycle Turbo-High-Medium-Low-Moonlight
  • XT21Xvn has an additional side switch: 
  • From OFF: Quick press = Turbo, Press&Hold = Moonlight
  • From ON: Press&Hold = OFF 
  • From ON/OFF Double Press = Strobe 

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