Lux Signifer Balance $1370

Fenix LD50vn - Flat Easy Carry

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  • This is the highest performance light I know of that is easy to carry
  • It's flat design makes clipping to pocket or jacket carry relatively comfortable
  • Beam is perfect dome on or off 
  • Recommend VTC5 for max performance & LG 3500mAh for max runtime
  • Love this light!

Spec 1: DriverVNX2 + XML2 U4, Brightest cool white with large hot spot, Lumen 2600/2450, Lux 41K/40K  $215

Spec 2: DriverVNX2 + XML2 U2 5000K, Gorgeous neutral with large hot spot  $215

Spec 3: DriverVNX2 + XML2 PDT, Best throw, tight hot spot, hint of green, Lumen 2200/2100, Lux 60K/57K, Excellent throw   $225

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