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Lumintop FW4XMvn - Flood & Throw Hybrid R

  • You can have 100% flat wall of HCRI light only
  • You can have concentrated  cool white high output throw only
  • You can have both at the same time
  • You can vary the mixture too! 
  • Normal FW4Xvn versions here
  • Recommended 18650 here
  • Spec A: XPL HI 6500K Throw + 219c 3000K HCRI Flood Mule
  • Spec B: W2 5400K Throw + 519a 2700K HCRI Flood Mule 
  • Spec C: SST20 4000K 95CRI Throw + 519a 2700K HCRI Flood Mule
  • Spec D: 519a 5000K HCRI Throw + 519a 2700K HCRI Flood Mule 

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