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Lumintop GTvn Mini - Baby Ultra Thrower R

  • Surprisingly compact but with huge reflector
  • Excellent tint, beam and performance from the factory! 
  • Recommend Samsung 30Q 18650
  • Spec 1 Stock Light has Factory Warranty
  • GTvn Mini versions has Sky Lumen Warranty 
  • This host will be timeless for countless mods ideas

Spec 1 Stock XPL HI 6500K Measured: 1300 Lumen, 170Kcd, 825m Throw

Spec 4 Sansung HCRI 4000K: 1100 Lumen, 65Kcd, 510m Throw 

Spec 5 SST40 6500K: 2000 Lumen, 140Kcd, 748m Throw

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