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Lumintop Thor 5 - 500Kcd Pocket LEP Thrower

    $100 Discount for first 3 buyers :-) Coupon Code "Thor5"

    • Performance @2s 270L, 500Kcd, 1414m 
    • Stonewashed Titanium = Hefty 9oz with battery 
    • Impressive performance but Al is a better choice for weight 
    • Cheesy ass GITD gaskets 
    • Recommended 18350
    • User Interface
    • From OFF: Quick press = ON (with mode memory)
    • From ON: Quick press = Cycle Low-High
    • From ON: Press & Hold = OFF
    • Fron ON/OFF: Double press = Strobe 
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    + "V54" Engraving
    + Extended Warranty
    + Shipping Signature and/or Insurance (NOT INCLUDED BY DEFAULT)
    + Specifications
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