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Lux Signifer

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Hello Friends,

United here as Light Bearers. Lets us share the light that are blessed to us. Together we can support sustainable charity efforts. 100% of funding raised here will go to those in need. 

Here is what I can offer. (I will add more as I get creative)

Each contribution are effective for 30 days. You keep track. I keep trust. 
How much money are contributed total? I keep track. You keep trust. 
Contribution amount is your choice
Charity suggestions welcome over email (SkyLumen54@gmail.com)
Live blance of funds update at header of  Webpage

In each order checkout note please put "Lux Signifer"

Efforts Record Below: 

1. 10.3.2016 White Center Food Bank $95

2. Winter 2016 Seattle Homeless  $500 

3. 4.24.2017 VHC (Vietnam Health Clinic) $100 

4. July7 - July27 2017 Random Vietnam street help $1000

5. September 2017 Hurricane Harvey, $500 shelter goods, $500 to Lakewood Church 

6. Winter 2017 Seattle Homeless  $500 

7. Summer 2019  HoopItForward.com $500

8. August 2109 Rice 4 Vietnam Flood Victims $1000

9. 12.20.2019 nguoicui.org $200

10. 2.3.2020 Covid19 Victims Via Manker Light $300

11. 4.22.2020 Renton Valley Hospital Meals for Medical workers $300

Thank You!
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