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Manker MK38vn - Brightest Compact Searchlight R

A) Stock SFT40 6500K @2s 14000L, 455Kcd, 1349m 

B) Stock XHP70.2 6500K @2s 40,000L, 215Kcd, 927m 

C) Stock XHP70.2 5000K @2s  36,000L, 190Kcd, 872m 

D) MK38vn XHP70.2 6500K SDCE @2s 33,000L, 

E) MK38vn XHP70.3 HI 6500K 80CRI @2s 36,000L, 315Kcd, 1123m

F) MK38vn XHP70.3 HI 5700K High Outout 

G) MK38vn XHP70.3 HI 4000K 90CRI

H) MK38vn XHP70.3 HI 3000K 90CRI 

  • Smaller X50vn 2.0 versions here
  • BLACK = base body color 
  • Factory Link Here 
  • White is beautiful but gets dirty quick
  • XHP70.2 = clean beam with soft hot spot to spill transition & negligible petal effects due to multi reflector wells  = No Turbo below 11V/~50%
  • SFT-40 = Noticeable petals effect at close ranges but filled hot spot and great beam otherwise = No Turbo below 11V/~50%
  • Manker's best build quality to date
  • Handle firm fitment but easy removal with included tool 
  • Handle Fans operate independent of light functions 
  • Battery state LED indicator on main button 
  • Attractive dark chrome trims 
  • Hefty 2lbs with cells and handle installed 
  • Quite fan but functional airflow 
  • Light is balance and natural to hold with or without handle 
  • No built in USB-C charging for individual cells version 
  • Excellent UI: 
  • From OFF: Press and Hold = Moonlight
  • When in Moonlight Press & Hold = ML1>ML2>ML3>ML4>ML5 (Last mode memory)
  • From OFF: Quick Click = ON @ last mode memory
  • From ON: Quick Click = OFF
  • From ON: Press & Hold = Low-Med-High
  • From ON or OFF: Double Click = Turbo
  • From ON of OFF: Triple Click = Strobe/Disco Group (Always start @ =Strobe)
  • From Strobe: Press & Hold = Slow Blink>SOS>Strobe 
  • Handle forward button = Fan ON/OFF
  • Handle rearward button = Duplicate main button UI 

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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