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Manker MK39vn Ranger - "Ideal" Handle SearchLight R

Factory Link Here
UI Demo Video 
Manker Impressions
  • Well executed UI
  • Perfect beam for both Flood & Throw groups
  • Instant Access to Turbo & Strobe from off! 
  • LED groups can run independently 
  • Good heft for heat sinking 
  • Excellent heat control with effective thermal management 
  • Nice white tint with no odd shifts 
  • Ideal = Perfect dedicated Thrower and Flooder combination
  • Excellent design making Manker relevant 

Stock XHP35 HI & XPG3 6500K:
XHP35 HI Thrower Only 2000 Lumen
Dual Quad Flood Only 3900 Lumen
Combined Lumen 5900
Combined Intensity/Throw 280Kcd/1058m

RangerVN XHP35 HI & XPG3 6500K:
XHP35 HI Thrower Only 2000Lumen
Dual Quad Flood Only 5000 Lumen
Combined Lumend 7000
Combined Intensity/Throw 285Kcd/1068m

Other LEDs and version available upon email request only

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