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Manker U21vn - 26650 Thrower R

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Night Beam Shot Here

Perfect focus with excellent throw in both variation
Built In USB charing no longer operational
DriverVNX2 UI

Spec 1: XPG2 PDT, Most throw, least heat, tight hot spot $132
Lumen: 870
Lux: 320K
Throw: 1130m

Spec 2: XPL PDT, High output, larger hot spot $132
Lumen: 1500
Lux: 260K
Throw: 1020m

Spec 3: XPL HD 7000K, Highest output, largest hot spot, Least Throw $125
Lumen: 1750
Lux: 75K
Throw: 548m


Click here to add "V54" Engraving for $5


LED Option
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