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Mateminco MT18Svn - Best High Output 4 $$$ R

  • This light is simply too good for the $$$
  • Large bright hot spot with some spill/corona
  • Great build quality 
  • Audril UI 
  • Stock SST20 6500K 14,000L, 150Kcd, 775m
  • MT18Svn XPL HI 6500K 16000L, 130kcd, 711m
  • Light takes 4*18650
  • Mule Version = LED sit on 3 extra layer of copper MCPCB + Your choice of LED Mix with AUX LEDs retained!!! 
  • Stock Light = Factory Warranty
  • "VN" Version = Sky Lumen Warranty

Stock Light Order Will Ships Directly From China
Note body color in checkout note

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance
+ Specifications
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