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Mateminco MT18vn - Best Pop Can Light R

Factory Specs Click Here
Night Video Beam Shot

Size: 125mm x 72mm x 52mm (length x head x body diameter)
Weight: ~1.5lbs with batteries! Excellent heft of heat sinking 
DriverVNX2 UI for Spec 1 - 5
Excellent build quality equal to Acebeam, Olight and other major manufactures 
All 18 LEDs mounted on copper
Sony VTC5A Recommended 

    Spec 1: XPG3 6500K Lumen 16500, Intensity 105kcd, Throw 648m $175 (Recommended) 

    Spec 2: XPL HI 6500K Lumen 16500, Intensity 145kcd, Throw 761m $275

    Spec 3: XPL HI 5000K Lumen 16500, Intensity 145kcd, Throw 761m $275

    Spec 4: Nichia 319AT 5000K Lumen XXX, Intensity XXX, Throw XXX $275

    Spec 5: Nichia 219c 4000K HCRI Lumen XXX, Intensity XXX, Throw XXX $275

    Spec 6: Power Boost Only (Factory UI) XPG3 6500K Lumen XXX, Intensity XXX, Throw XXX $135

    Click here to add "V54" Engraving for $5

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