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NightWatch NSX3vn NSX4vn - 9500L For $70! R

  • Extra deep heatsink fins dissipate heat wonderfully
  • The heft actually handle the extreme output! 
  • NSX4 have superior mass heat sinking plus 1 more LED = greater efficiency and more performance
  • Best bang for your buck!
  • You will not regret getting one
  • Flawless floody beam 
  • All NSX4 = Includes 26800 6800mAh Battery & Charger =Excellent runtime with great high performance too. 
  • Running 40T in NSX4 require custom spacer with are not yet available through me
  • Stock Driver Performance = DriverVN4 Performance
  • +/- 38Kcd/390m with XHP50.2s (Both versions)
  • +/- 65Kcd/510m with SST40 HD (Both version)
  • Spec 1 NXS3 3*XHP50.2 6500K @ 2s: 9000L with 40T
  • Spec 2 NXS4 4*XHP50.2 6500K @ 2s: 9500L with 26800 battery, 10,500L with 40T
  • Spec 3 NXS4 4*SST40 6500K @ 2s: 6300L with 26800 battery, 7000L with 40T
  • Spec 4 NXS4 4*SST40 50000K @ 2s:

Stock Driver reverse switch UI: 
From OFF Click to turn ON at last mode memory.
From ON ½ press cycle L-M1-M2-High
From ON Double ½ press = Turbo (No memory)
From ON Triple ½ press = Strobe 

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