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Olight MarauderVN 2 - Most Premium Flood Throw Pop-can Light R

  • Night beam Shot Video 
  • Stock Throw W2.1 5400K @ 2s: 800L, 180Kcd, 1131m (Zero spill rectangular focus beam)
  • Stock Flood @ 2s: 13,500L, 55Kcd, 469, (~6000K with hint of green. Large floody hot spot)
  • MarauderVN XPL HI 5000K Flood @2s: 11,000L, 120Kcd, 693m (Creamy neutral with tighter hot spot)
  • MarauderVN = Flood LED swapped only
  • Futuristic looks 
  • Best build quality
  • Innovative metal camera shutter like USB-C charging coverd
  • Powerbank feature with triple 5000Mah 21700 battery pack  
  • Full body grippy rubber body insert 
  • Brightness & State of charge LED indicators 
  • 30s auto lockout (Turn power dial 90 Degree to exit lockout)
  • Dedicated toggle switch for Throw or Flood selection 
  • Pop out lanyard hole ring 
  • Solid stainless strike bezel 
  • Optics AR coated looks premium
  • @ 1lb 11oz the light is hefty but that also adds to the feel of quality 
  • Great heat management 
  • Front optics is plastic with no glass cover so that is likely a weak point of the light 

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