Lux Signifer Balance $1960 - Click on any photo to view higher resolution :-)

Olight R50vn Pro - Brightest Single Cell R

R50 Pro factory Link Click Here
Olight R50vn VS Fenix PD40vn VS Acebeam EC50vn Review Video 
Night Beam Shot Video Click Here
R50vn VS EC60vn Beam Shot Video

Perfect filled hot spot & wide spill beam for both XHP50 & XHP70.2
Built in USB charging with included 4500mAh proprietary 26650 cell
Stock R50 tested 2300 Lumen, 2800 Lumen power boost only
Stock R50 Pro tested 2850 Lumen
Charge via Magnetic cable 
Unprotected IMR high drains recommended for best performance but will not work with built in charging system

Spec 1 R50vn - XHP50 CW Shave Dome $150
Lumen: 2650
Lux: 45K 
Throw: 424m

Spec 2 R50vn - XHP70.2 6500K $150
Lumen: 4300
Lux: 30K
Throw: 346m

+$5 Raindow DHT bezel 
Click here to add "V54" Engraving for $5

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