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ONE-OFF Lumintop Torpedo 007

  • LED swapped of your choice 
  • Single Level ON/OFF Only 
  • Lumen vary from 500-1000 Depending on LED choice 
  • Free body polished + gold ring polish away to bare copper if interested (Note at checkout)

Note LED Choice in checkout note:
High CRI LEDs:
SST20 2700K3000K/4000K/5000K/6500K Up to 95CRI
519b 2700K, 3500K, 4500K, 5000K 90CRI (Free Dedome)
219b 3000K/3500K/4000K/4500K 90CRI
Samsung 351 4000K/5000K/6500K 90CRI
High Ouptut LEDs
XPL HI 4000K/5000K/6500K 
XPL HD 5000K/6500K 
XPL2 4000K/6500K
XPE2 6500K/5000K
W1 6500K
W2 5400K
Color Thrower LEDs
XPE2 Red/Green/Blue/Amber


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