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P60vn Light Engines

Note your LED choice in checkout note. If you don't see a LED you want email me. 

High CRI LEDs:
SST20 2700K3000K/4000K/5000K.6500K Up to 95CRI
219c 4000K/5000K 90CRI
219b 4500K 90CRI
Samsung 351 4000K 90CRI

High Ouptut
XPL HI 4000K/5000K/6500K 
XPLHD 5000K/6500K 
SST40 HD 5000K/6500K 
SST40 SD ~5500K

Best Throw
White 1 6500K
White1.1 6500K
White2 5400K

Color Thrower LEDs
XPE2 Red/Green/Blue 


Some Specs in SLN

Single Smooth Reflector White2 5400K - Higher output thrower
1000L, 65Kcd, 490m 

Single Smooth Reflector White1.1 6500K - Best thrower (10A MAX 18650 Only)
550L, 80Kcdm 566m 

Single Smooth Reflector SST40 HD 6500K - High output thrower (10A MAX cells Only)
1700L, 40Kcd, 400m 

Single Smooth Reflector SST40 HD 5000K - High output thrower Neutral (10A MAX cells Only)
1400L, 33Kcd,  363m 

Triple White2 5400K + Green Glow Gasket for low heat & high output throw
2800L, 40Kcd, 400m 

Quad White2 5400K  High ouput with improved throw and HS over 50.2
3500L, 40Kcd, 400m

LilVortex 12LED Mule  - Brightest neutral flat wall of light 
XPL 5000K V6: 10,000 LED Lumen, 7000L in SLN with Twisty Tail Cap, 6300L with Clicky 
Samsung 351 4000K 90CRI: 6000L in SLN with Twisty 
SST20 4000K 95CRI: 4000L in a SLN Twisty 

Yes confusing as hell! Just email me what you want and I will make appropriate recommendations! Cheers! 

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