Lux Signifer Balance $1370

P60vn - Light Engines P60 Hosts

These are light engines for P60 Hosts only 
Must wrap drop in tightly before inserting in host
High drain switch such as FS54 required
Specs 1-10 has user programmable DriverVN4
Adjust higher temperature control for longer Turbo Time
High drain unprotetced 18650 such as VTC5 or LG 3500mAh required

Seraph Hosts Here
Surefire 6P Here

Spec 1: Triple 219C, Medium throw with Higher CRI neutral    $125

Spec 3: Quad 219C 5000K, Brightest neutral with good throw 2450 Lumen, 22K Lux , 300m Throw $150

Spec 4: Quad XPL HI V3 6500K, Brightest cool white with relatively good throw  3000 Lumen, 28K Lux, 335m Throw $150

Spec 5: Quad MULE 319AT 5000K, Neutral tint wall of light 3000 Lumen $165

Spec 6: Smooth reflector + XPL PDT, Great throw with hint of green  $90

Spec 7: Smooth reflector + XPG2 PDT, Cooler neutral excellent throw 850 Lumen, 55K Lux, 470m Throw $90

Spec 8: Copper XHP70.2 Cool White Mule, 2 cell only  $150


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