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FourSevens PreonVN 2 MKIII - Elegant Penlight

  • Stock Nichia 219b 5000K 92CRI @2s: 115L 
  • LED Swapped Only
  • 2 Rechargeable Ni-MH 800mAh included 

LED of your choice - Indicate in checkout note

  • High CRI LEDs:
  • SST20 2700K3000K/4000K/5000K/6500K Up to 95CRI
  • 219c 4000K/5000K 90CRI
  • 219b 3000K/3500K/4000K/4500K 90CRI 
  • Samsung 351 4000K/5000K/6500K 90CRI
  • High Output LEDs
  • XPL HI 4000K/5000K/6500K 
  • XPL HD 5000K/6500K 
  • XPL2 4000K/6500K
  • XPE2 6500K/5000K
  • Osram W1  6500K, W2 5400K
  • Color LEDs
  • XPE2 Red/Green/Blue/Amber

Unsure? Email me for LED recommendation



Factory Claim: 


  • Rechargeable NiMh AAA batteries included
  • 92+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) 
  • Invisible High Frequency PWM (yes really) 
  • Water Resistance = IPX8


All Preons feature a new interface with six selectable configuration modes so you can customize your MINI specifically to your needs. Other features include the following:  

  • Output in programming mode = 15% (medium)
  • Bump Protection = <60ms off time = no mode change
  • Enter configuration menu = 10 cycles within 3 seconds.  
  • Mode change interval = .5 seconds
  • Memory set (off) time = .5 seconds  
  • Memory function = revert to mode 1 
  • Burst Mode Memory = no memory
  • Burst mode behavior = 30 seconds burst (100% output), ramp to high mode (60%) over next 30 seconds.

What's up with burst mode? : This feature is ported over from the flagship Prometheus Alpha Flashlights. It allows you to access maximum output at any time without scrolling through other modes. This also allows you to have maximum output when you need it, but conserve battery by using the standard high mode (60% output) for normal use.

Burst mode is activated with two very fast off/on cycles (.2 second spacing) and does not have mode memory. Burst is active for 30 seconds and then ramps down to high mode over the following 30 seconds. This is to prevent the light from overheating and damaging the LED, electronics, or battery wrapper.  


All Minis are initially set to Configuration 3 with Medium/High/Burst. They can be reconfigured as often as you'd like.

Entering Configuration Mode:

Just power cycle (on/off) the light 10 times in <3 seconds to enter configuration mode. The light will blink a number of times corresponding to the current configuration. One power cycle will change to the next configuration. Leave the light off for 5 seconds to save the current configuration to memory. 

When entering configuration mode you should use a "press" and not a "click."

A button press will activate the light in momentary mode. A click is audible and latches the light in the "on" state. Basically clicking is too slow and pressing allows faster on/off cycling :)

Here are the possible configurations:

    • Config. 1: High - (Burst 100%)
    • Config. 2: Max (100%) - Strobe
    • Config. 3: Medium - High - (Burst)
    • Config. 4: Low - Medium - High - (Burst)
    • Config. 5: High - Medium - Low - (Burst)
    • Config. 6: Low - Med - High - Strobe - SOS - Beacon - (Burst) 



Alkaline battery damage is the #1 cause of failed lights. Alkaline battery damage IS NOT covered under warranty. 

Alkaline batteries will power the Preon, but we strongly discourage their use. Alkaline batteries leak and/or produce corrosive gas during use. This will destroy your flashlight. Every Preon ships with an included rechargeable NiMh battery. You can purchase additional batteries and chargers through this link.  


    • Full power for the life of the battery: Alkalines lose power as they run down.
    • They don't leak: and you know alkalines leak and ruin your stuff all the time.
    • ReCyko+ lasts for more 1000 charges: One battery vs. 1000 alkalines!
    • Low Self Discharge: 80% charge retention at 6 months
    • The best option for flashlights: or any device for that matter.
    • Same performance as expensive lithium disposables: without the waste.


+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance 
+ Specifications
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