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Eagletac S200C2vn KIT - Rifle Thrower

Factory Link Click Here
Review Video Click Here

KIT includes remote tape switch and 1" rifle mount
Best thrower for the size 
Perfect beam with intense hot spot
XPG2 PDT throw farther with a smaller focus and less overall lumen
XPL PDT throw less with a larger focus  and more overall lumen
Spec 1-2 Has power boost to factory circuit
Spec 3-4 has user programmable DriverVN4 and thermal pad wrapped. 
All spec has LED mounted on copper 

Spec 1  XML2 PDT $140
Spec 2  XPG2 S4 Dedome $140
Spec 3  XPL PDT $175
Spec 4  XPG2 S4 Dedome ANSI Lumen 685, Lux 155K, Throw 790m $175

Click here to add "V54" Engraving for $5

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