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Sky Lumen Copper Pill 4 Reflector P60vn

For the longest all we have is the cheap brass pill as driver and LED holder for P60 reflector light engine. Finally Sky Lumen thick copper pill will inject new life to this platform. Shown is a copper pill prototype. Here are preliminary improvements:

- Brass pill 6g VS Copper 14g 

- Brass thermal conductivity = 109W/mK VS Copper 385WmK (Aluminum is 205W/mK)

- Brass has only 28%  the electric conductivity of copper 

- 1mm brass shelf VS 4mm copper shelf

- Potential Nickel plating to prevent corrosion 

Will try SBT90.2 DL + SFT40 + DriverVN4 + solder bonding to see performance improvements :-) 


11.2.23 Update

Built SFT40 & SBT90.2 DL P60vns both with solder bonding & Driver soldering to pill for best heat transfer 

SFT40 Max performance did not change but perhaps lumen drops slower than with brass setup

SBT90.2 went from 4300L to almost 5000L peak. Not sure why such substantial gain. 

This prototype pill still has a few more tweaks to heat sink the driver and improve current transfer even better. 

I might even have a custom reflector made!!! ahhaa ;-)