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Sky Lumen XXI - Compact 21700 Clicky R

  • Outdoor beamshot video
  • Light uniquely serialized 
  • Extra internal copper heat sink 
  • Light Engine = +1.2oz!
  • Light weight 6oz with battery 
  • 26.6mm Diameter, 123.5mm Long 
  • Tailstand firmly
  • SL lanyard included
  • Smooth Reflector = Best throw with define hot spot & very faint dark rings white wall (Default)
  • OP reflector = Artifacts free beam but reduced intensity and output (Optional Request in checkout note)
  • Dual side AR Lens
  • Default RS54 = Reverse Clicky = 1/2 Press from ON for mode changes & programming (Mandatory for SBT90 & Quad W2)
  • Optional FS54 = Forward Clicky = 1/2 Press from OFF for momentary ON, Mode changes & programming (request in checkout note)
  • SBT90.2 5700K De-Lens + Smooth Reflector @2s = 4700L, 70Kcd, 529m = Flawless beam w/ no artifacts or rings, defined & filled hot spot, wonderful cooler neutral tint 
  • DriverVN4
  • Samsung 40T = Max Performance
  • Samung 50E = Max Runtime
  • Smaller 18650 Version Here
  • Smallest 18350 Version Here

*Indicate Smooth or OP reflector in checkout note.

**Indicate your Triple LED choice in checkout note.

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+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance (NOT INCLUDED BY DEFAULT)
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