Lux Signifer Balance $1370

Sunwayman C22Cvn - Do it all EDC

Factory Link Click Here 

Side LED flood a wall of light
Front LED throw a perfect beam 
Tail cap has built in glass breaker
Tail cap has built in Magnet
Robust front stainless bezel
Strong removable pocket clip
Ultra compact with a side switch
Excellent heat sinking design

Spec 1 - XML2 U2 5000K front & 219C side flood, Perfect neutral all around  $100
Spec 2 - XML2 U4 6000K  & 219C side flood, Throw decently with a hint of green  $100
Spec 3 - Quad XPL HI 5000K Front + 219C side flood, Throw a large hot spot $300

Click here to add "V54" Engraving for $5



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