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ONE-OFF Surefire P60 Collectible Hosts

Shared upgrades unless noted otherwise:

From Left 2 Right:

  1. Rounded edges C2, blue hypershift cerakote, Stainless black flat bezel, dark polished clip, blue HD boot $300
  2. Rounded edges C2, tungsten cerakote, gold scalloped bezel, dark clip, black HD boot $300
  3. Rounded edges Solarforce L2T body + Surefire head & tail, purple/green hypershift cerakote, polished flat bezel, black HD boot $225
  4. Rounded edges Solarforce L2T body & Tail cap, purple hypershift cerakote, Surefire Z32 shock isolating head, blue HD boot $277 
  5. Rounded edges Surefire Z2, prison pink cerakote, black flat bezel, black HD boot $300
  6. Rounded edges Surefire Z2, blue robins egg cerakote, polished scallop bezel, baby blue boot $300
  7. Natural anodized Pineapple body, Surefire head and tail cap, gold scalloped bezel, black HD Boot $200
  8. Surefire 6P, polished flat bezel $165 
  9. Surefire Z2, black flat bezel $300
  10. SOLD Natural Surefire C2 body + Black head and tail cap, black flat stainless bezel, black HD boot, used but great condition 
  11. SOLD Rounded edges USMC Red Surefire M32 Head + Surefire C2 body + Black HD boot 
  12. Tactical Gray Solarforce head + Surefire 6P body + HD blue boot $205 
  13. Polar Blue Surefire head and tail + Pineapple body + polished stainless bezel $254
  14. SOLD Safety Orange Solarforce head + Surefire 6P body and tail + HD black boot  + Polished stainless bezel 
  15. Purple/Blue Hypershift Surefire Z2 + HD Blue Boot + Polished stainless bezel $300
  16. SOLD Surefire C2 Natural, Black stainless bezel, Great condition 
  17. Surefire C2 Natural, Gold stainless bezel, Great condition  $266
  18. Surefire Z2 Raw polished, Gold bezel, Great condition  $277
  19. Surefire Z2 Raw smooth matte, Black bezel, Great condition  $254
  20. Surefire 6P Body + SolarForce head raw smooth matte, Stainless bezel, & Lantern attachment $222
  21. SOLD Surefire C2 natural body in great condition, New replica brass head and tail, Stainless gold bezel, Fixed pocket clip and grip ring 
  22. Surefire C2 natural with Shock isolating head in good condition $300

  23. SOLD Surefire C2 natural Excellent condition $277 
  24. SOLD Surefire C2 natural $300 

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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