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ONE-OFF Surefire P60 Collectible Hosts

Shared upgrades unless noted otherwise:

From Left 2 Right:

  1. Rounded edges C2, blue hypershift cerakote, black flat bezel, dark polished clip, blue HD boot, used but great condition $240
  2. Rounded edges C2, tungsten cerakote, gold scalloped bezel, dark polished clip, black HD boot $275
  3. Rounded edges Solarforce L2T body + Surefire head & tail, purple/green hypershift cerakote, polished flat bezel, black HD boot $205
  4. Rounded edges Solarforce L2T body & Tail cap, purple hypershift cerakote, Surefire Z32 shock isolating head, blue HD boot $245 
  5. Rounded edges Surefire Z2, prison pink cerakote, black flat bezel, black HD boot $275
  6. Rounded edges Surefire Z2, blue robins egg cerakote, polished scallop bezel, baby blue boot $275
  7. Natural anodized Pineapple body, Surefire head and tail cap, gold scalloped bezel, black HD Boot $165
  8. Surefire 6P, polished flat bezel $165 
  9. Surefire Z2, black flat bezel $254 
  10. SOLD Natural Surefire C2 body + Black head and tail cap, black flat stainless bezel, black HD boot, used but great condition $235
  11. SOLD Rounded edges USMC Red Surefire M32 Head + Surefire C2 body + Black HD boot $300
  12. Tactical Gray Solarforce head + Surefire 6P body + HD blue boot $205 
  13. Polar Blue Surefire head and tail + Pineapple body + polished stainless bezel $255
  14. SOLD Safety Orange Solarforce head + Surefire 6P body and tail + HD black boot  + Polished stainless bezel $205
  15. Purple/Blue Hypershift Surefire Z2 + HD Blue Boot + Polished stainless bezel $275
  16. Surefire C2 Natural, Black stainless bezel, Great condition $245 
  17. Surefire C2 Natural, Gold stainless bezel, Great condition  $245 
  18. Surefire Z2 Raw polished, Gold bezel, Great condition  $250 
  19. Surefire Z2 Raw smooth matte, Black bezel, Great condition  $200
  20. Surefire 6P Body + SolarForce head raw smooth matte, Stainless bezel, & Lantern attachment $230
  21. SOLD Surefire C2 natural body in great condition, New replica brass head and tail, Stainless gold bezel, Fixed pocket clip and grip ring $215 
  22. Surefire C2 natural wit Shock isolating head in good condition $254

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance (NOT INCLUDED BY DEFAULT)
+ Specifications
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