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Thrunite TN42vn - My Most Favorite Light/Thrower R

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    $250 Spec 1 XHP35 HI 6500K - Bit more performance than stock
    Lumen: 2400
    Intensity: 775Kcd
    Throw: 1760m 

    $250 Spec 2 XHP35 HI 5000K - Same as above, neutral tint
    Lumen: 2250
    Intensity: 760Kcd
    Throw:  1744m

    $400 Spec 3 Oslon Flat Black 6500K - Pencil beam, Max Throw, Low output
    Lumen: 700-850 
    Intensity: 1.1-1.3Mcd
    Throw: 2098-2280m


    Spec 4-5 Notes:

    • Turbo run 1-3 minutes only before circuit overheat and will signal for manual step down
    • If you want much longer turbo run-time but less peak performance let me know so I can turn down boost :-). Peek intensity will drop about 25%.
    • Must run 4 VTC5A Button Tops

    $625 Spec 4 CFT-90 6500K - Best Lumen with near max throw in cool tint 
    Lumen: 5500
    Intensity: 1.2Mcd
    Throw: 2190

    $625 Spec 5 CFT-90 5500K - Best Lumen with near max throw in neutral tint 
    Lumen: 5500
    Intensity: 1.2mcd
    Throw: 2190

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