Lux Signifer Balance $1370

Vollsion SP11vn - Keylight with Trits

CPF Calvin0807 Stock Light Review 

Cute bright light with Trits in the tail end :-)
Run IMR10440 Only 
800 Lumen at turn on. 650-700 ANSI

Spec 1: XPL V6 HD 7000K + DriverVN2 
Spec 2: XPL HI 5000K + DriverVN2
Spec 3: Nichia 219c 5000K + DriverVN2

+$7 Polished 

IMR10440 must mod to operate: Take a razor and shave wrapper around the negative end exposing the contact. 

Click here to add "V54" Engraving for $5

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