2nd Son Arrived 2.7.23 - Operating @ 50% Capacity - SkyLumen54@gmail.com

Weltool W4vn Pro - Highest Build Quality LEP 585L, 2.7MCd, 3286m R

  • Spec A W4 Pro Stock Measured Performance @2s 440L, 2.3Kcd, 3033m
  • Spec V W4vn Pro Performance @2s 585L, 2.7Mcd, 3286m (Lumen Record holder)
  • W4 has way more measured performance than W5 in case you are wondering 
  • Simple UI. From OFF: 1/2 press momentary ON or mode select of Low-Medium-High. Quick double press = Strobe. Full click for constant brightness. 
  • Excellent in hand build quality that you would recognize instantly 
  • 21700 battery included 

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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